How To Spot replica Nike Dunk Low Off White Pine Green?
Posted On 10/11/2021 11:57:10 by johnliang

1. Appearance details
Almost every identity verification process starts with an overall review of related items. This allows us to make preliminary judgments and check the quality of currency pairs. You must check if the color of the model is correct, but remember to consider the difference in light.

An important feature in this field is the Nike Swoosh, which is often mistaken by replica manufacturers. The shapes of all retail pairs are rarely the same, but the main inconsistency will point to a fake Off White Dunk.

Make sure to also check the orange label. This is another detail that varies from retail to retail pair, but the general rule is that the label cannot look too big or square. Most authentic pais have those who look wide but short.
2. China and India
On the inside of this pair of shoes, we found details that are familiar to any other Off White Nike cooperation fans. In the certification process, the inside printing is a good detail, because inconsistent fonts usually reveal a pair of fake Dunks.

Not only fonts but also print quality can help you find fake Off White Dunks. Make sure that the print is not too thick or too dark, and that it is in the correct position.
3. Inner tongue label
The inside of the tongue label is decorated with the iconic Nike text, which is also one of the most common defects in the reissue of Off White Dunks. The fake Off White Dunk always seems to be wrong in one aspect of the label-font, size, or the text itself. Therefore, please keep your eyes open to discover the inconsistencies.

Another point to consider is the double stitching at the bottom of the label. It will never look the same in all retail pairs, but it must be the same size as your pair. If the size is relatively large, there must not be too much excess fabric around the stitching.
4. Zipper tie
The zipper tie is one of the less noticed details compared to other parts of the shoe, so it is one of the most effective verification aspects. First of all, fake Off White tie prints are usually too dark in color. Its quality can also be verified by carefully checking the dotted fonts, which are rarely smudged in retail replica Off White Dunks.

Keep in mind that the trademark (™) text of most genuine cable ties uses a lighter font than the rest of the text.

You should also check the overall shape of the cable tie to see if the transition from the wider to the narrower part is sufficiently curved.

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