RuneScape - This method is not dependent on an untying wand
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In that time, you'll be trying to RuneScape gold catch Copper Longtails. You can spot them south to Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Bring along several bird snares. You can begin by placing one on ground. You need more than single bird snares as there are times when you could lose it.

You'll be searching for Ruby Harvest butterflies by using a butterfly nets and butterfly jars. To find them , simply walk towards the south, where you'll find paw icons at the bottom of the map. Every time you catch a butterfly you put them in a Jar. Then click the lid to release your butterfly. Remember to take with you a few bird snares so that you can keep the hunt for Copper Longtails and stock of jars in case they might break.

This method is not dependent on an untying wand. Get yourself an axe and knives and head for the feldip hunter's territory (if you have fairy rings unlocked and the key code you need is). It will involve cutting down trees, and creating deadfall traps by using logs. The traps can be placed in particular locations close to boulders. Similar to the earlier method bring with you few bird snares since you'll also be able catch Crimson Swifts in the place.

It's a similar process to the one before, but you will be able to increase your rates if you own 32 Fletching. A chisel is needed to Fletch Kebbit spikes into Kebbit bolts. This can not only increase your exp gains as it's quicker than dropping spikes but also could yield decent profits. Bring along with you a butterfly netting and the butterfly jars, and perhaps some bird snares.

To start off you will have to withdraw at minimum 1 000 gold coin. Deposit any gloves, weapons as well as other items you can equip on your hands slot because you'll require hands free. Go to Matthias outside Falconer's zone and OSRS Membership rent from him Gyr Falcon for 500 gold.

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