RuneScape - I utilized it today for my strange rocks
Posted On 01/27/2022 01:36:26 by MMOgrfy

I'm not sure what arguments you're trying to RS gold present in your argument on pitfall hunting. There are many options when it comes to training Hunter Pitfall hunting is one among those choices. It'd be very naive to think that no one at any time uses pitfall hunting.

I just wanted to give an example in which the Dwarven Army Axe could be employed. Do you have any kind of animus against using it for Hunter? There alternative training methods that may be more efficient, however, using the Dwarven Army Axe could be a great help.

I took my axe with me today to miscellania and cut some trees. later I was using it to create Tele tabs and purchase some interesting rocks. Its useful for whatever people are looking to use it for. Runescape is one of the games, and is meant to be fun. Who are you to judge wether the way people send their time is worthless?

Seconded, I utilized it today for my strange rocks. I utilized it for runecrafting woodcutting, firemaking, or mining stones (then I realized it was a steel D: ), on top of it being used for Miscellania. At final, it's a useful tool for many in various reasons you just have to accept the fact it isn't to your specific taste, because saying it's not worth it isn't just naive and unsubstantiated, however, saying that it's only used by those "trying to be different" is just ignorant just to say the least.

I will be destroying the Army Axe as long as I don't decide to shoot through the Abyss for some unfathomable reason. To be honest, it's only suitable for cheap OSRS gold lower-leveled players. I see it as an ill-use of bank space rather than saving space.

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