I've been working on RuneScape
Posted On 02/18/2022 03:59:34 by MMOgrfy

Enjoy dying and OSRS gold having fun. You're an idiot. We keep saying that you won't last , but you insist you know more than individuals who actually offer you the guidance. Be there and another team will crash you and you will have wasted your $ (which you have) and time (which you will). Kthxbai.

It's all you can do in this thread in order to "prove" your idea (which is untrue and ineffective): Person A with better stats than you You tell him: "Well you probably don't know how to bandos." Person B who has a lower lvl. him and make fun of his stats. You must stop blaming him for your insanity. If you know all your answers , then why should you ask US for help? Real Talk: Buy some higher melee stats like 95+ Str Attack, Def, 99 HP, 88 Summ, 95 Prayer, 96 Herb or 95 Magic. Buy K Top+BT and then the Rapier (get an 80 DG) and to kill.

Are there any tips I can learn about the different shades of the mort'ton? I've been playing it for more than nine hours and I've found a silver key for the highest area of catacombs. I have accumulated over 200-300 FYR REMAINS. I have burned most of them but haven't received a single gold key so far.

I'm aware that many aid guides state that this key is extremely rare and can be found with a chance of one in 100 however this is completely absurd. I'd like to know whether it's possible, or possible you can claim that "Necromancer Kit" is a certain reward from the gold chests?

I've been working on this game for more than the past week only to get the necromancer kits for my Dagon Hai robes. Thirty fine cloths in my stash waiting to use. All I need is three of the kits to use on each of my Dagon hai robes right now, but I'm having difficulty obtaining pieces of rs gold 2007 the keys for the golden chests that "may" or "may not" include these kits.

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