Settings of Android Smartphones
Posted On 01/16/2013 07:31:16 by wuqiwarrior

Since android system is so popular that may phone carriers have applied it, it is easy to find that there are different China Android phones on the market. However, it is also difficult to make a decision because there are brands of Android cell phone. When you finally choose and get a phone, you have no idea how to set the android phone.

Select the set up account.

Usually, you should choose an account to set up the China cell phone. You can press the menu and select “Account & Sync” on the touch screen. When you press “Add Accounts” and you will add an account to have instant access to all Google information. If you want to set up social networking site and save login information, you also can repeat for each account. When you set up the account management, you can access to which area as you like.

Set the location.

Many Android cell phones require users to set your location and allow your location to easy access to wireless networking the phone is using. For example, you can enable GPS on the touch screen and help you indentify your location. As long as you set the location in your phone, it is easier to access to the local networking or GPS information. You just press the menu button and set your local city and related information.

Set the Set notifications and ringtones.

In addition, it is essential to set notification and ringtones, which is basic but important setting. Many young people think that the ringtone is symbol of their personality; therefore they must use a special and unique song or music as their ringtones. Press the menu button, then select "Settings" and then "Sound & Display" to select what action each phone application should take when information is received.

cheap unlocked phones

Thanks to there are so many Android phones on the market; you will never worry to choose a best phone. Even there are cheap unlocked phones, and you can choose any SIM card as you like without any restriction. When you get your Android phone, you should finish the setting. When it comes to setting phone, you must set the accounts, location and ringtones and so on. Finishing the setting on Android phone always make it more convenient to use.

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