Weaver Face Off At Debate
Posted On 12/21/2017 01:28:16 by Neel


The debate, sponsored by the Wadsworth Athenum, had been in the works since last spring. It's part of the museum's Colt's Empire exhibition.
Weaver High School students took the position that Hartford was a better place to live in the second half of the 19th century. Bulkeley High students said life was better today.
Weaver attacked modern technology, saying television has destroyed the appreciation of books, and technology has completely changed such old customs as families sitting down together for dinner.
Bulkeley attacked the crime statistics offered by Weaver. Yes, fewer crimes were committed back then, Bulkeley conceded, but there were fewer people, too.
Weaver fought back by simply stating today's public school situation in Hartford. Bulkeley said education today prepares students for a broader array of possible jobs, and the schools Sale Nike NFL Jerseys From China Cheap - Authentic Football Jerseys are much more diverse.


Weaver said there were far more theaters and centers for education in the second half of the 19th century. But Bulkeley said ticket prices for those theaters were so low they often drew unwanted crowds of street people.
Weaver ended its argument by citing the high percentage of employment in the late 19th century. Bulkeley rebutted that by citing the limited types of jobs available.
Then it was up to the judges: The Courant's Northeast magazine editor, Lary Bloom; the Wadsworth's community outreach coordinator, Amy Sailor Milner; and the museum's marketing assistant, Jeremy Burrows.
I think this was a great way for teachers to network,'' said Jane Hoder, coordinator of school and teacher programs for the museum and one of the organizers of the debate.
This is wonderful for the students. We held it in conjunction with the exhibit. It was a museum/school collaborative.''


Tim Sullivan, a teacher at Weaver, said the debate and prizes were good for the Authentic pittsburgh steelers jerseys wholesale students.
It gives us motivational techniques to make them do research with a competitive edge. It forced them to spend time in the library, and their writing and research skills were enhanced.''
Ines Pegeas, a Bulkeley teacher, agreed.
It was quite an experience for everyone. They learned a lot of NFL Cheap Jerseys things that they will remember later.''
While waiting for the decision on who won, Weaver student Ansley Dawkins and Bulkeley student Eddie Lawrence sat in a corner, continuing to debate the issue between themselves.
I thought it was a good idea to allow high school kids to express what we feel,'' Lawrence said. This is something positive that reflects our school. I hope we have more opportunities to express Wholesale Jerseys how we feel in debate formats.''I loved the idea. It's basically giving me more of an idea to do research.''
Dawkins said the project created friendly bonds.
Although we debate, we are not enemies,'' he said.
Other students from Weaver's team were Nickia Miller, Nathan Gulley, Rashaunda Tyson and Calvin Johnson. Teacher Joyce Shepherd also helped, along with Sullivan.
The other students on Bulkeley's team were Sarah Phillips, Milca Rodriguez, Nikitas Meleounis, Jim Reed, Damaris Rodriguez and Dan McKinley. Besides Pegeas, teachers Kay Stark and Sal Basile assisted the students.


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