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POSTED BY: Suarelion on 06/30/2022 23:44:09

Good morning, we need to create a chatbot for a client who works with us. We need an advanced chatbot to help answer all of our client's questions, as well as with additional functions to collect information

POSTED BY: Hitanosori on 06/30/2022 23:48:06

You need to turn to companies that develop highly complex chatbots, because you have to have complex chatbot logic. Freelancers won't be able to do it.

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POSTED BY: Suarelion on 06/30/2022 23:49:31

We know how they work. We have one pro who took the job, but developed for us the chatbot we wanted, but it was simple, just answers to customers' questions. No one wants to develop complex chatbots.

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POSTED BY: Hitanosori on 06/30/2022 23:51:44

For the reason that complex chat bots are not so popular and development time is long. On the freelance market everyone needs simple chatbots for a low price. Although you can get much more money for complex chatbots. You can contact ChatBot Development company they develop chatbots of any complexity.  Including in fintech sphere. They have a new work on their website, dedicated to chatbot.

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