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With #Clicky - YOU can create a unique name (See some examples using the name: "Singles" or "Real Estate")

Singles.Click2Connect.Club - SoulMates.Click2Connect.Buzz - Foreclosures.Clicky.Bid - SinglesMingle.Clicky.Buzz - SinglesSki.ClicknConnect.Club - RealEstate.ClickyBid.Club - RealEstate.ClickyBarter.Com

Much - much more!

Some other #Clicky examples:

HotClubs.Clicky.Singles  Outdoorsman.Clicky.Club 
ClickyChicks.iClicky.Online  Boating&Sailing.Clicky.Buzz 
Insurance.ClickyBiz.Com  Investing.Click2Connect.Club  BahamaCruises.Click2Connect.Singles  Conservatives.Click2Connect.Us  Dancing.c2c.Click  HeadlineNews.c2c.Buzz  FinancialReport.Click2Connect.Business  Restaurants.ClickyBiz.Com  FindaJob.Bid  PostaJob.Bid  TeamTrump2016.Click2Connect.Republican

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